Regularized Ising Formulation for Near-Optimal MIMO Detection using Quantum Inspired Solvers

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Optimal MIMO detection is one of the most computationally challenging tasks in wireless systems. We show that the quantum-inspired computing approach based on Coherent Ising Machines~(CIMs) is a promising candidate for performing near-optimal MIMO detection. We propose a novel regularized Ising formulation for MIMO detection that mitigates a common error floor issue in the direct approach adopted in the existing literature on MIMO detection using Quantum Annealing. We evaluate our methods using a simplified, quantum-inspired model and show that our methods can achieve a near-optimal performance for several Large MIMO systems, like 16x16, 20x20, and 24x24 MIMO with BPSK modulation.

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GLOBECOM 2022 - 2022 IEEE Global Communications Conference
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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