Perturbation-based Formulation of Maximum Likelihood MIMO Detection for Coherent Ising Machines

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Conference Paper

In this paper, we explore an enhanced CIM model, and propose a novel Ising formulation, which together are shown to be the first Ising solver that provides significant gains in the BER performance of large and massive MIMO systems, like 16x16 and 16x32, and sustain its performance gain even at 256-QAM modulation. We further perform a spectral efficiency analysis and show that, for a 16x16 MIMO with Adaptive Modulation and Coding, our method can provide substantial throughput gains over MMSE, achieving 2x throughput for SNR <=25 dB, and up to 1.5x throughput for SNR >= 30 dB.

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GLOBECOM 2022 - 2022 IEEE Global Communications Conference
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil